(Expired) Halloween Treats From YOSH!

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to this year’s Trick or Treat time! Here at YOSH, we only treat our beloved customers and it’s gonna be sweet!

Free chocolate for purchases on any YOSH car mount!

A bar of Chocolate → Any Car Mount Purchase

A bag of Chocolate → Car Mount + Any YOSH products ≥$20

A party pack of Chocolate → Car Mount + Any YOSH products ≥$50

Claim your chocolate is easy, simply purchase and submit your order ID at the form below:

We hope you have a wonderful experience with YOSH!

Terms & Conditions:

1: Event valid in US & UK.

2: Event Valid from 28th OCT 2016 to 6th Nov 2016.

3: If return/refund occurs, gift items must be returned at the same time.

4: The picture is used to illustrate this event only, it does not represent actual item. However we do select finest quality Chocolates for you.

5: Your personal information is kept confidential and will never be shared with any third party.

(Expired) $200 Cash for your Tidy Room!

YOSH dedicate to producing intuitive, easy and fun to use accessories that make your everyday life easier.
We are passionate to see your room become more tidy using our Cable Management Sleeves.

You just need to do 4 things!

  1. Purchase Our Cable Management Sleeves on Amazon UK:  http://amzn.to/2d1Xu7u 
  2. Using your imagination and DIY this sleeves to tidy your room as you wish!
  3. Simply upload your Photo/Video of outcomes of your cable management on you own Social Network(Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) with Tag #yoshtidy
  4. Fill the form and submit the link on this page!

For Example:

In order to encourage you to get moving and tidy your cables, we even set up prizes for you!

For all our customers who participate in this event, you have a chance to win:

1st Prize: $200 Cash + YOSH Lifetime VIP Membership + YOSH Car Mount (1 Winner)

2nd Prize: $50 Cash +YOSH Lifetime VIP Membership + YOSH Waterproof Case (2 Winners)

3rd Prize: $10 Cash + YOSH Lifetime VIP Membership + YOSH Waterproof Case (10 Winners)

Participation Prize:  YOSH Lifetime VIP Membership (Ulimited)

Further more, we are glad to introduce our YouTube partner SuperXtremeVideo .

Winners will be decided by both SuperXtremeVideo and YOSH Design Department.

Please check the following video for tutorial on how to manage your cable and make your room look tidy.

Please submit the following form to enter this event:

Terms and Conditions:

1: Event Valid from 29th OCT 2016 to 4th DEC 2016.
2: Event Valid in UK and US.
3: Please do not upload Videos/Photos that contains inappropriate content.
4: We will collect uploads and posts using Tag: #yoshtidy . Please make sure you add this tag when you post outcomes on your SNS.
5: Your personal information are used to conduct this event only, we will never share your information to third party.
6: YOSH Lifetime VIP Membership is our exclusive services offered to our top quality customers. As a lifetime VIP, you will receive free sample of our products from time to times. You will have the unique opportunity to experience free new products before product launch.Further more, by joining our VIP Membership, you will automatically qualify for our lifetime warranty service. Which means whenever you have any issue regarding our products, we will replace you a new one. This is the promise we made to our customers. You can always contact our customer service for more information.