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Joy Con Grip Handle 2-Pack

YOSH Nintendo Switch Joy Con Grip Handle 2-Pack, More Comfortable and Larger Wear-resistant Handle for Mario Kart 8 and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (No Controller Inside)

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YOSH Joy-Con Grip/Handle: 

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con is a remarkable design. However, it may influence the experience in using while playing multiply games through separate left and right controller.
YOSH Joy-Con grips tend to become necessary accessories to expand the size of Switch Joy-Con to grip and enhanced comfort. Make you enjoy better game experience and farewell with small controllers.

Specifically Designed Button: 

Larger SL and SR button provides more sensitivities when playing Mario Cart 8 and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Also applied to other multiply games such as Ultra Street Fighter II,
1-2 Switch, Super Bomberman R, Fast RMX, Snipperclips, Shovel Knight and Puyo Puyo Tetris and so on.

More Protection: 

The precision dimensions fit Joy-Con perfectly and it can prevent Joy-Con controllers from daily scratches, wear and liquid from skin while holding the grip.

Easy Installation: 

Each YOSH Joy-Con grip can be used for either left or right Joy-con. There is no need to pay attention to distinguishing left and right controller. Just push in and you are all set to enjoy the games.

Lifetime warranty: 

YOSH provides Lifetime Warranty on YOSH Joy-Con grip to target 100% customer satisfaction. If your Joy-Con grip has any issues you can contact us and our customer service will happily help out within 24 hours.


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